Why your side hustle matters & how to smash your goals for this year

Imagine yourself waking up full of life and energy EVERY
DAY, ready to confront the day head-on. Imagine the excitement of doing it all
for you, not for someone else.

Can you see yourself having the energy and passion needed to
create and manage a business?

How good would you feel by knowing that you deliver exceptional
value to your customers?

Are you ready to receive abundant financial blessings?

How about keeping reasonable working hours for YOUR
business? Does that sound appealing?

OK, I understand. Living a prosperous, satisfying life isn’t
for everyone. But, is it for you?

Maybe you prefer the alternative. Do you enjoy begrudgingly
waking to an annoying alarm, pulling yourself from the bed, and dragging your
copious morning coffee to your lips?

Do you feel enthralled as you plop yourself behind the wheel and rush to your 9-to-5 job? When you set “getting through the day” as your top goal, do you feel fulfilled?

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Are you settling?

Which scenario entices you? Which lifestyle would you
choose for your kids

How about this: If you took a magic pill that has the power
to create your ideal life, what changes would you experience?

Today, I have encouraging news for you. You can create a
meaningful business that empowers you to enjoy a fantastic life. To put it
differently, you don’t need a magic pill to have a good life.

Can I ask you a couple of personal questions?

What’s the vision for your business that God placed on your
heart? Do you believe it with 100% of your being that it will come to fruition?

I full heartedly believe that God wouldn’t give you a vision without giving you the ability to achieve it. Sometimes, all you must do is STAY THE COURSE.

I’m talking about staying committed to your goals for your
business despite having 10+ other things coming at you at the same time. I’m
talking about staying the course when you’re tired and worn out.

You can do it. You might need to pray for strength and
tenacity. But, still, you can do it.

Pssst – I want to share a secret

Wanna know a secret? Your vision can pull you through
tough times.

Already, I’ve tried to encourage you to have an exciting
vision where you live a successful, fulfilling life. But, if that’s not enough,
you need a scary vision.

Can you visualize your what your future will look like if
you don’t act now? Imagine those unpaid bills. Imagine your children not having
access to the opportunities they deserve.

Stare at your long bucket list and your empty bucket. Will
you enjoy giving up on your dreams?

Imagine depending solely on charity and the government
for your retirement.

If I haven’t scared you yet, think of something that will
scare you enough to motivate you to stay committed to your business. After that,
combine that fear with your unlimited potential and satisfying dreams.

Next, get motivated by looking beyond yourself.

Your business can massively impact your circle,
community, and the world.

Your circle is your immediate family. Suppose you set a goal
to make $3,000 a month and reached it. How would that affect your family? To
begin with, you could quit the 9-to-5 rat race.

Now, what if you aimed higher? Suppose you earned $5,000
monthly. How about $10,000 or more?  You
can do it. However, to make this happen, you need to make your purpose bigger
than you. Also, remember, you must stay the course.

So, what is your “why”?

Why are you building a business? Who are you doing it for? Maybe
you want to lead your children by example showing them that there’s more to
life than a traditional job.

You could do it for your husband or other family members who
could participate in your business. You can create a positive work environment
for them.

Never underestimate the importance of your “why.” Unfortunately,
I’ve discovered that many folks don’t know what they want. Therefore, they
never plan. Without a plan, they never know what they’re trying to accomplish
or why. Unsurprisingly, they never accomplish anything.

I love getting my students thinking about is their
long-range planning for their life. I can help you too.

If you can, write down things that you either want to have or
want to achieve in the future.

If you don’t know what you want, try writing down the things
you don’t want and then use your list of “negatives” to create some positive
goals. For example, if you don’t want to die prematurely, you might translate
that into a desire to create a healthy diet and lose weight.

When you’ve finished your list, define where you’d need to
be in 10 years to stay on track. What are the milestones you need to reach?

Next, break your plan into 5-year increments. Where do you
need to be in one year to be on track for your 5 and 10-year goals?

Continue planning until you’ve broken down your goals into
monthly, weekly, and daily objectives. What do you need to do today to be on
track for this week? What will put you on track for this month that will also
put you on track for your year?

I know my planning system works. I use this system to
maximize my performance and stay on course to achieve my goals. I confirm this
at the end of each month when I review my accomplishments.

Do this exercise for all the major areas of your life. I
write out goals for the following areas:

  • Spiritual.
  • Family.
  • Business
  • Personal development
  • Physical.
  • Financial.
  • Social.
  • Community.
  • Household.

I review and rewrite these monthly. Every six months I
review the big picture goals and break things down.

The purpose of my work

The purpose of High Impact Business is to educate, inspire
and teach women just like you how to build side businesses.

By starting now, you’ll have options for when you need them.
For example, if you either quit or lose your 9-to-5 job, you’ll still have an

You’ll have options to for paying your family’s expenses. You’ll
have the ability to help pay for your kid’s college. You can help aging loved

No matter what the issue is, we all need to have options.
I want to help you develop yours.

What’s next

I will soon hold a free challenge to get you started. Look
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After the challenge, you’ll have the option to join me for a
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