The Power of Clarity

I named my website “High Impact Business” because my premise is to help others have a business that makes an impact… for themselves and for their clients.

Recently I’ve been talking about mindset and habits. They are so very much interrelated. When we get CRYSTAL clear on our goals, it makes the “what to do” so much easier. That means it will be easier to have the right mindset.

I’ll confess, I’m not always crystal clear on my goals. I don’t always keep them in front of me so that I can be laser focused on them.

I get distracted. I like new things. I LOVE to learn. I love self-improvement… even when it’s hard. I love business improvement.

However, I know that by not being laser focused on my goals, that it has kept me from reaching that which I am working for.

What am I working for? A six figure, work from home business helping other small business owners who want the same thing… maybe not six figures, but the ability to run life on their own terms doing the work they love to do.

What do I love to do? I love all things digital marketing and small business strategy. My super power is creating a plan to work… looking at the state of affairs and all the options and deciding what the next best thing is.

Why aren’t you where you want to be?

The majority of the time, for most businesses, it is one of two things. Either they aren’t doing the tasks consistently to generate more leads (to get more eyeballs on their offering) OR they don’t have systems (and system evaluation) in place to streamline their entire operation.

Some of this work is hard… and that’s why a lot of the time it gets neglected or skipped.

Awhile back was small business week. The SBA had a 3 day online conference. A lot of what they had to talk about was resiliency. Repositioning and redefining businesses based on the “new normal.” For a lot of people, the new normal is working from home. For small businesses, the new normal is working towards becoming more resilient. That resiliency is important for several reasons that I won’t explore here. But doing due diligence and prep work to determine what is most important for that month, week, and year HAS to happen.

Do you need help

I don’t work with just any kind of business. Typically, the best type of client to work with me are service based individuals (solopreneurs or very small businesses). Most of the time, these businesses are side hustles. The owners have other ways of generating income. There is a challenge with this kind of business… Usually the owners don’t take the side hustle business quite as seriously as they would if it was their only source of income.

My challenge to you today is look at your business from the 30,000 foot level. What does it need? One of my mentors says to be the boss the night before and then the next day be the employee. This is a great way to think of things. When it’s just you doing everything, or reacting to the day’s fires or incoming phone calls/emails, it’s hard to remember what hat you have on at any given time. Is it time to put on the marketing hat or the sales hat? Are you just spending your time doing busy work, or are you doing the tasks that will bring in more sales?

If you need help decerning what to do next in your business so YOU can Make An Impact, let’s talk. Discovery calls are free. Here is the link: