Protect your mindset so you can achieve your goals

Now you have to rethink your business with the Covid-19 in mind. You must protect your mindset so you can achieve your goals. You must make money. You started a business to have the freedom and flexibility to work around your family life. Now things must shift thanks to the pandemic. What do you do? It’s time to work through these issues and develop a plan of action. And while you are at it… make sure what you work on is something you can get excited about.

 Protect your mindset so you can achieve your goals

How to protect your mindset so you can achieve your goals

It all starts here. If you think you can or can’t, you are right. That’s the saying. So let’s start off with the positive mindset of YOU CAN. You have a great, creative mind that can find solutions to your problems. You can do this. You can capitalize on this shift.

Here are 8 ways to keep moving forward:

  1. Be proactive
    What problems do you need to solve and what things about your situation are you unhappy with? Don’t try to fix them all now. Pick the ONE thing that you can work on that will make the biggest impact and work on it.
  2. Stay flexible and open minded
    While some things you can control, there are many others that you can’t. Don’t be too rigid. Build in some flexibility. Think new thoughts. Get new ideas. I like to subscribe to different podcasts so I can have my mind expanded and learn new things.
  3. Keep a sense of humor
    Humor is such a stress reliever. Make time to watch funny movies or tv shows, or follow different funny facebook pages. I also like to be witty with my husband and those I come in contact with. It doesn’t always happen, but it can if you let it.
  4. Have big goals
    Just because you are staying flexible and open minded, make sure you still have big goals. I recommend setting shorter goals right now such as 30 days instead of the normal one year, 6 months. Who knows what things will look like in 90 days.
  5. Kick off your day with positive
    I recommend adding to your daily routine affirmations to burn into your subconscious. Repeat them daily. What do you REALLY want to achieve? Why do you want to achieve those things? Get some emotion into it. Take time to sit with this daily. Journal about it. Claim it. Read the Bible and positive business building books as well. Sit with those messages.
  6. Self-Care is a must
    Self-care includes exercise, soaking baths, long showers, and pampering of your hands, face, or feet. Pick your favorites and do it regularly. Drinking plenty of water and eating healthy, good for you foods.
  7. News… limit it
    This includes social media. I check the news about once a day, quickly on my own time for about 5-10 minutes on my phone. That’s it. Social media is about the same. I might scroll through my feed twice a day. But I still limit my time.
  8. Support system
    Whether it is for childcare or girlfriend time… get it scheduled. Change to online hangouts … schedule a regular time for to gather with fellow business owners and your personal groups like a church bible group. Interacting in a positive matter needs to be the rule. If you don’t have these groups then start one. Our church group meets once a week on Wednesday nights in a Google Meet call. I’ve even attended a yoga class via a zoom call.

Wrap up

We can make it through the rest of the year with a profitable business and a positive mindset. What are your goals for the last part of 2020? I’d love to hear them.

Over the next few months I’m shifting back into the online marketing realm with you. I hope you follow along. Please share this post if you’ve found it helpful.

You’ve got this.