Get Back on Track with Your Goals in 5 Steps

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It’s March… almost the end of the first quarter of the year. Are you on track to meet your goals?

This year I am using the 12 Week Year method of working toward my goals. My darling hubby is doing the same. It provides accountability.

Regardless of the method I use to help me achieve my goals, I – from time to time (hopefully not all the time) – slip up. To overcome a setback, I can try one of a few typical actions:

  1. Abandon the goal.
  2. Adjust the goal so I’m more likely to achieve it.
  3. Push harder than ever to achieve the darn thing!

You, of course might not want to keep things so simple. Instead, I’d like to suggest the following five ways to get you and your life back on track towards meeting your goals.


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