3 steps to stay motivated and achieve your goals

How to reignite the passion for your business (no matter how long it’s been, how tired you are, or how busy you are).

So how do you reignite the passion for your business? Basically, it comes down to what is your dream and what is your why? What do you want your dream/ideal life to look like and who or why are you trying to build a business in the first place?

In early 2019 my husband and I were conducting a goal setting strategy session together. I have 9 areas that I like to keep an eye on: spiritual, family, business, personal development, physical, financial, social, community, and household. I have goals in each of these areas. We started at the top of the list in the spiritual category and decided that it was time for us to find a new church. We made a list of criteria and then made a list of a few churches in the area to go check out. Long story short we stayed at the first one we visited because the experience really spoke to us.

Why am I telling you this you might ask? Well it’s because it has put a fire in my heart (and back into my business). We’ve gone through different classes at church and have spent a lot of time reflecting. We are also going through the book Purpose Driven Life right now so that we can be on the same page with things. We like to study together.

Back at the end of May/beginning of June I had a major event happen in my professional life that also helped drive home my revived vision. Over the course of June and July I put together the High Impact Business plan
and website. And now I’m stepping into that plan. God has been involved all the way. My mission is clear and the more time I spend thinking about how I want to serve the HIB community, the more focused and driven I get to do so. It’s a loop.

So how can you reignite your burning desire to build your business?

Cast a vision, make a plan, and work daily.

1. Cast a vision

Why are you building your business? Who are you doing it for? And perhaps more importantly, what will happen if you don’t build it?

I had to re-envision my business. I had to say… “I’ve been stuck working 9 to 5 in a position with no alternative but to stick it out.” I needed a side hustle to replace my income so that I could kiss the position goodbye once and forever. I know without a shadow of a doubt that God put me on this earth to do more and be more. He put me here to be a good example for my husband, my children, and my community. He put me here to inspire, lead and educate.

If I failed to build my business, I’d be going against God’s purpose for my life. I’d be going against God. Secondly, if I didn’t build my business, I’d be stuck working for someone else while the life in me would continue to be sucked out… one dreary day at a time. How depressing is that?

Another activity for you – think about and then write down what your vision of success looks like. Specifically, what numbers do you want to reach? What do you want your ideal day to look like? If you don’t have a target then how do you know if you are successful?

2. Make a plan

So, what’s the plan? I’m not building a direct sales company with a proven road map to success. How am I to create a business from scratch? Actually, it’s easier than I thought. Here it is:

  1. Set my purpose – to inspire, lead and educate
  2. Id my target market
  3. Create great content to grow a following using my purpose
  4. Develop paid courses and training material around the content that serves my target market and matches my purpose
  5. Rinse and repeat

3. Work a little bit daily

This is where discipline and forming good habits come in. There are sooooo many options out there of what I could do. It’s easy to go down proverbial rabbit holes and get lost for hours. By revisiting my road map and continually looking at how I can be more effective and efficient, I know I can do this.

Several authors say they write a little every day. They make it a habit. They make it the same time of the day and do it every day. So that’s what I’m doing. Daily Monday through Friday I write / create from 8:30-11:30 AM. I have my list of “what’s next” and I just plow through it. That time is for creating content. It might be drafting a blog post, creating social
media images or content, or outlining a course. Regardless, I’m working. I try to schedule anything else outside of that time. For you it might be calling leads or meeting other business owners.

Here are a few of my daily habits with regards to ways I stay motivated and inspired.

  1. Write out my focus statement
  2. Listen to motivational audio
  3. Review my vision board/notebook
  4. Follow and interact with a group of like-minded folks to be accountable with
  5. Think about “How can I take the eyes off myself and put them on to others… what do they need?”

There you have it. Staying motivated can sometimes be hard. It’s the daily habits and discipline that will take you where you want to go. I’d love to hear any other techniques you use to stay motivated.